The ACCA-St. Louis Apprenticeship Program offers four occupations to meet your needs: HVAC Servicer Installer, Pipefitter, Sheet Metal and Technical Office Manager. Our Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship, approved program is managed locally and updated as legislation requires, providing many benefits.


HVAC Servicer Installer
  • Four Year Program
  • Five Year Program
Sheet Metal
  • Five Year Program
Technical Office Manager
  • Two Year Program


  • We take you step-by-step through the on-boarding process
  • We manage the program paperwork for you…dotting “I”s and crossing “T”s
  • You receive annual apprentice status reports, but feel free to ask at any time
  • To quickly move your apprentices through the program, the Apprenticeship Program Committee meets quarterly to update hours, complete apprentices and/or address specific issues
  • We offer contractor designed/led classes to supplement and reinforce technical knowledge and field applications
  • We share program updates and answer questions during our annual program meeting for apprentices and contractors
  • A sampling of apprentices participate in an annual review to give them an opportunity to share experiences and ideas to improve the program
  • Our apprenticeship completion certificate is worth 32 – 45 college credit hours at the following community colleges:
    • St. Louis Community College
    • St. Charles Community College
    • Lewis and Clark Community College
    • Jefferson College
  • All of this for the low cost of $300/year per contractor and $325/year per apprentice